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Update from Lee Slataper, President, PPOA
Posted on Jun 3rd, 2022

As has been previously reported, our Management Company experienced problems with the mail out of the Ballots and Annual Members Meeting Notice for the meeting originally scheduled for June 11, 2022.  The PPOA Board decided to reset the Annual Members Meeting to the following month in order to allow ample time to reprint Meeting Notices and Ballots.
Annual Members Meeting Notice and Election Ballot
The Annual Meeting Notice and Ballots for the July 9, 2022 meeting are going to be mailed on Monday, June 6 via US mail.  Please be on the lookout for this Election Packet which will contain:
Revised Annual Member’s Meeting Notice
Election Ballot specific for the July Member Meeting.  The ballot is printed on colored paper.
Bio’s of all Candidates
Note: If you are in receipt of ballots from the May mail out, please discard them and use the ballot in the June mail out.
An apology letter from CKM Management is also included in this mailout.
If you do not receive your July Election Packet by June 18, 2022, please contact CKM Property Management.
SAVE THE DATE - Fabulous 4th of July Celebrations!
Annual PPOA Golf Cart Parade - Sunday, July 3, 2022 - 10:00am
This is a free event for the Community, however, participants in the Parade need to Register for the event.
Parade concludes at the Stewart Mansion where hot dogs, chips, and water will be available to the Community.
Registration Forms will be available next week.
This is one of the best events the PPOA hosts.  Ride in the Parade or be a spectator along the parade route.  Please come out and enjoy!
Thanks in advance to the PPOA volunteers that make this event possible!
12th Annual PPOA Spectacular Fireworks Show - Sunday, July 3, 2022 - 9:15pm
We are finalizing our Merchant Sponsors List this week.  The great contributions from these local merchants help underwrite a big part of the expense of the fireworks. 
And our amazing Community also donates to this event.  Our Fireworks Donation Request letter will be sent next week.
Due to the great support from our Community, this will be our biggest Fireworks Show ever.
The Fireworks Simulcast will be provided by K-TOR, Ball High School’s Radio Station.  The Music Simulcast is generously underwritten by Moody Bank.
You can’t beat celebrating the 4th of July in our Community!
A map of the location of these two events along with ongoing Event Updates can be found on the PPOA Website.
Update - Short Term Rental Lawsuit
In a previous communication to the Community, it was reported that Galveston County District Court 56 Judge Lonnie Cox ruled in favor of the PPOA that it can enforce the Deed Restriction Amendments passed by a majority of the property owners in the following Pirates Cove Sections:
  • Pirates Cove Sections 1 & 2
  • Pirates Cove Section 3
  • Pirate Cove Section 4
  • Pirates Cove Section 5
The Plaintiff in this case has appealed the decision by Judge Cox and they are continuing to offer short-term rentals at their property in Pirates Cove.  The PPOA immediately engaged our legal counsel to approach Judge Cox and is encouraging him to require the Plaintiff to cease rental activities per his previous ruling.  This is currently being handled by our legal team and we hope to have a ruling from Judge Cox in the near future.
We have received a lot of comments through the Contact Us link on the PPOA Website, mainly from Pirates Beach property owners, both in support of short-term rental restrictions and against limiting the ability of property owners to rent their properties.  To be very clear…. The PPOA takes no position for or against limiting short-term rentals.  The PPOA represents all PPOA property owners.  However, the PPOA is responsible for enforcing all valid deed restrictions.  Once the Pirates Cove Sections successfully amended their deed restrictions by a majority vote of the property owners in the respective Sections, that places a responsibility on the PPOA to enforce those valid deed restriction amendments.
We have made these comments many times, but it is worth repeating.  The PPOA Board does not have the authority to amend any Section’s deed restrictions.  In each and every PPOA Section, per the Deed Restrictions, the ONLY way to amend a Section’s Deed Restrictions is to have a majority of the eligible property owners vote in favor of the amendment.  Once an amendment is approved by a majority of the property owners, the PPOA becomes responsible for enforcing the amended deed restriction.  For emphasis, the PPOA Board does not have the authority to amend deed restrictions.
A recent question was received from a property owner in Pirates Beach asking what the PPOA can do to limit the number of occupants in a rental house.  The answer is simple - Nothing!  The PPOA can only enforce the recorded PPOA deed restrictions.  Per the original recorded deed restrictions, there is no language that prohibits a property owner from renting their house nor limiting the number of occupants.  Per our City of Galveston City Manager, here is his comment about occupancy limits: " I don’t believe you can regulate occupancy on residential properties in Texas."
In addition to the Pirates Cove Sections listed above, Laffite's Cove and the Villas have also restricted short-term rentals to no less than 90 consecutive days.  Today, out of the 13 separate Pirates Beach Sections, there is no restriction limiting rental activities.
If you want to "sound off" on this topic, please come to the June PPOA Board meeting - this topic is on the Agenda.
Monthly PPOA June Board Meeting
Since the Annual Members Meeting was moved to July, that opened up an opportunity to hold a regular PPOA Board meeting in June.
Date: Saturday, June 11, 2022
Time: 9:00am
Location: Galveston Country Club - ZOOM option available for those unable to attend
Purpose: Short PPOA Business meeting followed by a Candidates Forum for those property owners running for open PPOA Board seats.  Members of the Community will provide questions to the Candidates.  If you want to learn more about the Candidates running for these important PPOA Board seats, please come to this meeting and have your voice heard.
If you have any questions or comments, please click "CONTACT US" to send a message to the PPOA.
Lee Slataper, President
Pirates Property Owners Association