Board Committees
Architectural Review Committee (ARC):
Mike Huhnke (Chair), Jed Goodall, Tom Savage, Marty Baker, Christine Miles
Grounds Maintenance and Beautification Committee:
Cathy Abernathy (Chair)
Beach and Bay Committee:
Jerry Mohn (Chair), Chris Robb, Doug Little
Canals and Dredging Committee:
Brian Burns (Chair), Richard Kuriger, Randy Buckley
Communications Committee:
Purvez Captain (Chair), Gina Erwin, Lee Slataper, Sue Reed, Missy Alwais, Meredith Lohse
Deed Restrictions Committee:
Helen Bullwinkel (Chair), Lee Slataper, Jim Martin
Emergency Preparedness Committee:
Bet Jennings (Chair), Rex Ross, Helen Bullwinkel, Brandon & Tina Wade, Cathy Abernathy, James Munoz, Chris Robb, Jerry Mohn, Eric Vaughan, Valerie Cone, Brian & Jennifer Burns, Tommy Fatjo, Jed Goodall, Doug Little, Bob and Belinda Strickland, Joe Ryan, Jay Hawkins
Finance Committee:
B.J. Willingham (Chair), Chris Robb, Jerry Mohn
Maintenance Fee Project Committee:
Gina Erwin (Chair), Joe Ryan, Myrna King, Patricia Woods, Becky Robertson, Greg Jones, Susan Lavergne, Bonnie White, Marty Baker, Wesley Stone, Diane Overman, David and Terrie Wilson, Linda Warren, Valerie Cone, Terrie Farmer, Chris Kaitson, Phil Ballard
New Owner Welcome Committee:
Bet Jennings (Chair)
Security Committee:
Joe Ryan (Chair), Purvez Captain, Doug Little
Social Committee:
Tommy Fatjo (Chair), Lee Slataper, Doug Little, Sue Reed