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ARC (Architectural Review Committee) Overview

Deed Restrictions Govern Improvement Projects
Each section of Pirates Beach, Pirates Beach West, Pirates Cove, Laffite’s Cove, The Enclave and The Villas are governed by specific Deed Restrictions that provide rules and regulations to protect the value of our neighborhoods.  For your convenience, all PPOA Deed Restrictions are available, by Section, on the PPOA website under the Dedicatory Documents section.
ARC Approval Required for Repairs and Improvements
When you consider any repairs or improvements to your property, you must complete an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Application BEFORE starting any work.  The ARC will review each application and deliver a written decision within 45 days, however most decisions are made more quickly.  Please make sure your Application complies with all of the Deed Restriction requirements of your specific Section along with additional PPOA Guidelines.
ARC Applications can be found on the PPOA Website.  Please e-mail the completed ARC Application, applicable to your project type and scope, to along with all supporting documents requested in the Application.  
The ARC committee members review all Applications on a web-based system, so ARC Applications can be submitted throughout the month.  
Deposits are part of most ARC Applications and the amounts vary depending on the scope of work.  Deposit payments are required to be submitted from the Contractor.  Most of the deposit is refundable unless there are violations as spelled out in the terms and conditions of the ARC Agreement.  The ARC Agreement is a legally binding contract between the PPOA, the contractor and homeowner, so please be sure to review the entire document to understand your rights and responsibilities.
Projects that begin work without ARC Approval will be stopped and will require an approved ARC Application before work can continue.  Fines may be imposed as well.
Contact Us
  • If you have a question regarding your specific project or the type of ARC Application to use, simply e-mail and your question will be promptly answered.  When in doubt, it is always best to ask.
  • Or, you may call CKM Property Management at (281) 255-3055 and ask for the ARC Representative for Pirates Property Owners Association. 

ARC Applications and Forms

Click on the form needed below to print and email to: CKM Property Management, email, or call with questions (281) 255-3055. 

Pirates Beach Sections 4 - 13

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Pirates Beach West Section 10 
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